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Maidstone Stump Removal services

Once a tree has been felled, the stump is more often than not left in the ground. If left new shoots can grow from the trunk and roots, or dead tree stumps can grow root diseases and spread funguses.


Our services

At Maidstone Stump Removal we provide a professional tree stump grinding and removal service for both dead tree stumps as well as newly cut and recently-felled trees throughout Maidstone and the wider Kent area.

We utilise the most up to date equipment and offer two main services:


Stump Grinding

A method using a machine to lower or remove the stump and its roots entirely. This can be decided when we do a site visit.

Stump grinding is often the preferred choice as there is a 0% chance of re-growth. A specialist machine is used to remove the stump by shredding it down with a rotating wheel.


Stump Poisoning

We use ECOPLUGS® to neutralize re-growth. This will stop any new shoots sprouting from the stump but will not rot out the stump completely.

We recommend this method for smaller trees and shrubs due to it having almost 100% effectiveness stopping regrowth. This is also animal and environment safe.

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