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Tree Care services

From tree pruning to tree felling, Maidstone Tree Surgeons have the skills and resources to tackle all of your tree surgery needs.


Tree Removal and Felling

We safely dismantle all types of trees, whether they're dangerous or just need to go. Of course, this can be a messy job - luckily we have a full mop-up crew on hand for every job, as we see the tidy-up as being as important as the actual tree dismantling!


Tree Reduction

Concerned about the size of a tree, or maybe your home insurance requires you to have your trees maintained regularly? If a tree needs reducing in height, we can retain the main framework of the crown, creating a similar, but smaller, outline.


Crown Lifting

Are the branches of a tree blocking your access to parts of your garden, or simply just blocking your view? If so, we can remove those lower branches (referred to as crown lifting) to increase the clear space below the foliage.


Hedge Maintenance

If you're looking to get that crisp edge to your front hedge with a trim, reduce an overgrown hedge in size, or even have an entire hedge removed altogether, make us your first call when it comes to advice and maintenance of your hedge.

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